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Moderation will be minimal and limited to abusive or illegal content, ultimately we want to foster an inclusive environment, and be respectful participants of the wider community without draconian, biased, puritan, or emotional moderation.

This includes not harassing local users of this instance, or harassing users of other instances. If someone actively seeks debate, discussion, or conflict and you engage that is not harassment on your part, however if a person makes it clear they do not wish to communicate with you at any point in time and you block evade or otherwise continue to target them there will be zero tolerance and such actions will be handled with a permanent instance ban. We do not allow infringements on the freedom of other users on this instance.

We have a strict policy against de-federation unless absolutely last resort(think illegal content, and community-wide harassment).

If you are a local instance user and the target of harassment we recommend you take advantage of the plethora of moderation tools available on Mastodon, and if necessity requires, inform a local moderator/administrator so they can attempt to reach out to the offending instance operator.

Moderation is taken care of by server host & volunteers. NSFW content is allowed but must be blurred by default. Gore/Porn/Nudity = NSFW. Any content that abides by Illinois, New York City, New York State, and U.S. Law is allowed.