an incomplete map of where the various ideologies lie on the compass (this of course does not derive from a rigorous mathematical analysis, so the positions are not 100% precise, but they still serve to get a reliable general idea)

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...and after all of that, still having the nerve to think you are in the position to point your finger and laugh at literally anyone in this world, be it "conspiracy nuts", "no-vaxxers", "crackpots" or even flat-earthers and creationists. Just imagine.

Show thread order to protect yourself for some months from a specific strain of a highly mutable virus for which no one in history ever managed to make a really effective vaccine before, which causes a disease with less than 1% of death rate (the vast majority of which happen to either very old or already severely diseased people), and for which countless much more safe and much more effective methods of cure and preventions are already available...

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Imagine being someone who believes it is a good idea to get (or even force everyone else to get) a largely experimental variant of a treatment made with no accountability for eventual damages by some of the most criminal corporations on Earth, developed in less than half the time usually required for its regular variant (which is still far from being entirely safe or entirely effective), and already caused several deaths and/or paralysis in perfectly sane subjects...

In other words, there is nothing even remotely scientific behind these demented anti-covid rules: it's just nothing more than religious ritualism for the purpose of teaching us to be slaves

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"curfew doesn't have a scientific reason, but it serves to remember us that we have to make sacrifices, that the superfluous must be limited, that our lives must be limited to the essential: work, school, close human relationships"

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Here's my model of the political compass; the main difference with the widely used one is that here the terms "left", "right", "libertarian" and "authoritarian" are used in their full sense, and not just the "economic" or "social" one.

I remember when anarchism was about fighting against the system, instead of fighting against some irrelevant neckbeard, while blindly agreeing with everything the system says and silencing anyone who dares to contradict it.
Why would they call themselves "anarchists" when even calling them "moderately liberal" would be a big stretch? And why do these kind of """anarchists""" even use decentralized networks? Facebook and Twitter are already perfect for them.

It is absolutely disheartening seeing how many """anarchist""" instances regularly ban/silence other instances calling them "far-right" just for ironically featuring alt-right memes every once in a while, and/or for making fun of SJWs (i.e.: actually racist and sexist people) or, even worse, ban instances that post "conspiracy theories" or "misinformation" (i.e.: literally anything that contradicts the mainstream doctrine) regarding the pandemic, vaccines, and other important scientific issues.

Don't ask yourself what the state can do against you.
Ask yourself what you can do against the state.

If you want to know what any mainstream political party or institution is really about, just add the "Anti-" before its name, (or remove it if already present). Mastodon Instance

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